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Books, wooden and soft toys

My monkeys, rabbits and elephants are miniature versions of soft toys that were produced commercially from the 1930s.  They are hand-stitched in suede and leather, filled with wool felt and are trimmed with silk ribbons.

Baby dollies usually have hard painted heads and bodies of leather and are dressed in little jumpsuits of knitted cotton and tiny leather shoes.

The tiny wooden Dutch dolls or “penny woodens” have hinged limbs and are based on several old Dutch dolls in my collection.

My story and picture books for children ( two dozen titles and growing) are miniature versions of vintage examples which I adore. Many of the books – with pictures and stories of childhood games and toys – have been a favourite source of inspiration for my miniatures.

The little feather Christmas trees – made from real feathers – are tiny and fine enough to fit smaller scales.