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Boxes and Pretty Things

Suitcases – made from plain book leathers or a variety of fine snake skins – come in a range of sizes, including tiny cases for dollies and toys.

Raffia baskets with lids come in all shapes and sizes – including some in smaller scales.

Scraps of fine vintage cottons, lace and ribbon are pieced together in a range of pretty dresses – not designed to be worn by a dollhouse doll but perfect to hang or drape with vintage accessories.

Vintage birthday, Christmas, valentine and gift cards, plus a large number of old postcards – with their written messages – are from my collection.

My scrap books and flower presses contain pressed or dried flowers from my garden. The home-made scrap book has the name, address and date of real people who lived in my street during the 1800s, and the little flower press has brass screws which clamp the papers and collection of pressed flowers.