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Teddy Bears

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Teddy bears vary between ¾ of an inch and 1 ½ inches in height. They are generally hand stitched from 12 to 16 pieces of suede which are cut freehand without an exact pattern.  Small and even large adjustments are made during the sewing process to establish the personality of each teddy. Inspiration comes from the classic old bears of England, Germany, the United States of America and Australia, but especially from the old home-made Ted. I try to reproduce a little of the aged dignity as well as the correct scale of these originals and include the familiar hump, bent posture and perhaps a few knitted clothes. Most bears have paw pads sewn into their limbs as separate pattern pieces.

My teddies usually have a simple silk bow but some very lucky fellows have an item of clothing or even a basket or suitcase of luggage and an invitation for a holiday.