Group Training Organisation (GTO)

Group Training Services in Hobart, Launceston and Ulverstone

NDA is able to directly hire and host out trainees to ‘host’ organisations for the duration of their New Apprenticeship (otherwise referred to as a Traineeship). NDA’s role as the Group Training Organisation (GTO) is to administer the recruitment and selection of the trainee, recommend a short-list of applicants to the host employer, arrange interviews with the host employer, and employ the suitable applicant.

On recruitment of a host trainee, NDA as GTO provides the ongoing payroll and employment administration for the duration of the training agreement. NDA is the legal employer for the hosted trainee. The host employer’s role is to host the employment and on-the-job training of the trainee. Each party signs a training agreement registered with the Tasmanian State Training Authority, and is bound by the conditions of the contract.

NDA GTO Recruitment Services

NDA offers a full recruitment service at no obligation or cost to the host employer.
Applicants are interviewed and assessed by NDA, and a short-list of suitable applicants is provided to the host employer for interview and final selection.


NDA performs a full induction with each trainee prior to commencement of work with the host employer. The induction covers topics such as: employment conditions and entitlements; occupational health & safety; details about the traineeship; what will be expected from them in the workplace, and the duties they will be expected to perform on the job.

Duration and Probation

The host employer agrees to employ the trainee for the duration of the training agreement. The duration of a traineeship varies between one and four years, depending on the qualification being undertaken, and whether the employment status is full time or part time. There is a standard probationary period of three months that applies to the commencement of each training agreement.


The host employer is invoiced at the end of each month, on a ‘per hour’ basis for the actual hours worked by the trainee during that month. The host employer is not charged for days the trainee is on sick leave or annual leave, or public holidays. Invoices are payable within 30 days from date of invoice.
The hourly rate includes: salary, annual leave and loading, sick leave, workers compensation, administration costs and superannuation.

Performance Management

NDA monitors and addresses any performance management issues as they arise, in consultation with the host employer.

For more information on GTO services please contact our RTO Manager on 03 6334 4910.

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