Computer Training Courses: Overview

Computer Training Classes in Hobart, Launceston and Ulverstone

Hobart computer training course at NDA Training CentreNDA has presented computer training courses in all parts of Tasmania since the early eighties. Most of our training courses are written 'in house' and have been refined over many years and thousands of presentations. Our training is highly practical and teaches skills that can be applied immediately 'at the workplace' in a business, government or commercial environment. NDA is accredited as a Registered Training Organisation. We welcome your call to discuss training needs.

"Very well run, easy format catering to all levels of knowledge. A very enjoyable & informative course. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone wishing to do a computer course."
- AH, Island State Credit Union, Hobart

Unlimited Free Phone Support

To ensure your success all clients are entitled to unlimited free telephone support after every course for all material presented during the course.

Computer Training Course Entitlements

  • Comprehensive training course materials that are yours to keep
  • Unlimited post-course telephone support from the NDA Help Desk
  • Refresher Training if there is something you don't understand for a period of three months after any public course
  • Generous refreshments
  • Optional assessment (additional fee)
  • Certificate of attendance

"Great venue, morning tea, lollies nice touch - valuable lesson - got a good understanding. Just what I wanted - very impressed !!!"
- AC, Department of Health and Human Services, Launceston

Types of Computer Training Courses

Public training courses
Public training classes are scheduled regularly at NDA's training centres in Launceston, Hobart and Ulverstone. Many of our public courses are 'split day' courses that give clients an opportunity to practise new skills at the workplace and come back with questions on the second day. A maximum of nine people attend public courses.

Private training courses
Private training classes are scheduled on demand and can be conducted either in our training rooms in Ulverstone, Launceston and Hobart or at your premises. Private courses may be customised with the client's preferred content and the option of incorporating the client's own data and systems. Any number of people may attend but we recommend a maximum of nine.

Customised courses
NDA provides training courses customised to your exact requirements. These include using examples and exercises relevant to your organisation, providing upgrade courses if your organisation is moving from one software platform to another or adapting courses to suit the particular requirements of a group within your organisation.

One-on-one training
We have had excellent results in providing training 1:1. This type of training is particularly useful when time is limited, training is required at short notice or assistance is required with specific features of a product.

Itinerant Trainer
NDA's Itinerant Trainer delivers a mix of consulting and training at your desk. Use this facility when you need a hand to develop a database, spreadsheet, Word template or project schedule.

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