Computer Training: Online Courses

NDA Online and Blended Learning Computer Training Courses

Studies indicate that, properly managed, online and blended learning can be an effective adjunct to more traditional forms of computer training.

The potential advantages of online learning include:

  • The flexibility to deliver training at any time to staff in any geographic location.
  • Reduced time away from the workplace.
  • Reduced travelling and accommodation costs.
  • Speed of roll out.
  • Consistency of content.
  • Ability to manage and monitor success and return on investment.

The potential disadvantages of online learning include:

  • It is not well suited to people without a sufficiently strong IT background to use the software.
  • Many people prefer the interaction of a classroom group.
  • It requires a higher degree of motivation and commitment than instructor-led training.

For these reasons, we recommend online learning as part of a blended learning program. A blended learning program might include:

  • An initial seminar to outline options and give people an opportunity to ask questions.
  • A hands on training session to demonstrate log on, log off and operating procedures for the online learning software environment.
  • An appropriate mix of on line and instructor led tuition.

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